EN | nightclub BAMBI



Come to Bambi in the heart of Osaka, Shinsaibashi, where you can get charged up and dance your cares away! For the young party-lovers of Japan, this is the place to be!

Admission Fee

Weekday (Sun-Thu)
入場時間 女性 男性
22:00~LATE ¥1,000
*Include 1 drinks fee SNS ¥700/2D
*Include 1 drinks fee
Weekend (Fri/Sat) / Before holiday
入場時間 女性 男性
21:00~22:00 Complete admission free
*Include 2 drinks fee
22:00~23:00 ¥700
*Include 1 drinks fee
23:00~05:00 ¥1,000
*Include 1 drinks fee



Nearest station
Subway Midosuji Line "Shinsaibashi Station" Exit 5 Three Sta. From the station


Prease tell"Osaka-shi Chuo-ku Higashi-Shinsaibashi 1-18-27 Seto Ki Tokyu Building B1". 大阪市中央区東心斎橋1-18-27 瀬尾喜東急ビルB1(JP-address)


From Kansai International Airport
Take the Nankai Airport Port express (Nankai Namba Line) from Kansai Airport, from Nankai Namba / Namba Take Subway Midosuji Line (Senri Chuo Line) and get off at Shinsaibashi.


From Osaka International Airport
From Osaka airport from Osaka airport Osaka municipal subway Midosuji line (Tennoji line), Hanshin Umeda / Umeda (line 1), Hankyu Takarazuka line high speed (line 2), Hankyu Takarazuka line fast (Hankyu Umeda line), Shinsaibashi Get off at the station.


Subway Midosuji Line "Shinsaibashi Station" 5 minutes walk from Exit 5
Leave exit 5, go to the left, turn right at the next, straight ahead and you will find Bambi on your right.


*In our shop, ID check at the time of entry is carried out.
In our shop we will perform ID checks for everyone at the time of entry. Please have your ID ready (yourself confirmation document) in the name of yourself.

One document valid documents: Driver's License / Passport / Basic Resident Register card (with photo) / Alien Registration Certificate.

Documents that require multiple presentations: Health insurance card + bank card / health insurance card + Taspo / health insurance card + student card / bank card + student card.

※If ID can not be confirmed, we will not accept admission.
※Documents must be within the validity period.
※Student ID cards are not handwritten.
※Please be sure to present ID of yourself in the name of yourself.
※It is valid only for the ID in your name (your identity confirmation document).
※Admission by ID use other than the person himself will not be allowed.
*Underage drinking and smoking are prohibited by law.
Please don't carry in food and drink, such as a PET bottle. In addition, We refuse use of and carrying in drugs (either illegal or legal). We report it to the police station of the jurisdiction immediately by any chance when the carry-on of the drug becomes clear. We do not take the responsibility about an accident, the troubles such as an injury, the quarrel.
*We decline the entrance of the person who is judged by us is inappropriate.